by Sandra Crittenden

by Sandra Crittenden

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2008 Bonterra Merlot

     Grilled hamburgers topped with blue cheese on the dinner menu at home the other evening seemed the perfect match for one of my HEB grocery store wine buys. I opened the 2008 Bonterra Merlot from Mendocino County. This Merlot-based wine which has some Syrah, Zinfandel and Carignane in the blend is made from organic grapes and was purchased for $11.75.

     It was a dark ruby in the glass with medium intense aromas of mixed ripe black fruit with light oak. It was well-balanced with medium acidity, alcohol and tannins with flavors of plum, cranberry and a bit of vanilla. It had a smooth, medium length finish.

     We really enjoyed it- the best value priced Merlot that I have had in awhile!   


  1. Sandra, you reviews are better than ever.
    One of my first wine loves was Bonterra 2006 Cabernet, but my latest is their 2007 Syrah. In part, this is what I had to say: Bonterra Vineyards Mendocino County 2007 Syrah (organic), $13.79- $18.99 (I paid $14.99), 89 points, is another amazing wine from Bonterra . For those who have wanted to try an American Syrah.

    Well, you just keep making me hungry-thirsty!
    Dennis Tsiorbas

  2. Thank you so much, I am planning on trying the whole line but I will start with the Syrah based on your recommendation!


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