by Sandra Crittenden

by Sandra Crittenden

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2012 Mandolin Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

I served the 2012 Mandolin Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Monterey with a weeknight dinner at home before the kids headed back to college after the winter break. Our meal included herb roasted turkey breast, green beans and sweet potatoes. My kids are 21 and 23 years old and they are always interested to see what I am pouring. They are particularly excited to try good tasting wines that they can also afford and these two wines fell into that category, both are recommended.

2012 Mandolin Chardonnay* - This medium body lightly-oaked wine had aromas and flavors of citrus and pineapple with crisp acidity and a tropical flavored finish. SRP $10

2012 Mandolin Pinot Noir* - This medium body wine had aromas of raspberry and leather with mixed berry flavors, fresh acidity and medium tannins with a bit of baking spice in the finish. SRP $12

*Both of these wines were media samples.


  1. I'm ABC but how did you rate the Pinot Noir? That is a very decent price and where is it available?

    1. Hi Luis, I haven't seen it in any of the stores by my home but I also have not checked at the main Spec's either so I cannot say for sure if it is available in town. You can order it from the winery, the info is here at Thanks for reading!


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