by Sandra Crittenden

by Sandra Crittenden

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2011 Bolla Chianti

On a cold night, pizza delivery at home and a bottle of 2011 Bolla Chianti* keeps life easy which is always good. This Sangiovese-based Chianti wine is not Classico meaning that its grapes may be sourced from a broader area in the Chianti region of Tuscany nor has it been aged like a Riserva would be, it is a fruitier, more simple wine.

We cozied up by the fire and caught up on some TV shows while we sipped on this Italian red. It has aromas and flavors of fresh ripe blackberry and plum with a medium body, smooth tannins and good acidity with a fruity finish. Under $10, a recommended choice for your next pizza or spaghetti night at home.

*media sample

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