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Lust Zinfandel 2007



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Michael David Winery is a winery owned by Michael David.

2007 Lust Zinfandel

This is a pricey wine, even by Lodi’s standards, but it’s also a fantastic one. It has a smooth texture and delicious mouthfeel, with tastes of creme de cassis, caramel cream, melted milk chocolate, tangerine zest, and cinnamon-spiced gingerbread, and is blended with Petite Sirah. It’s not an ager, so get your drink on.

Only the best small lots of Zinfandel are selected from the numerous made at Michael David to bottle under the Lust label. Lust is made out of Lodi’s best Zinfandel, cherry-picked straight from the vine to create a sensual, flashy, and luscious wine. This vintage, produced in small quantities, has all of the characteristics one would anticipate from a high-end Zinfandel. It’s silky smooth and leaves nothing to be desired.

Notes on Taste

This ruby-red beauty radiates notes of chocolate-covered strawberry, juicy red fruit, and smooth caramel and is made from the best tiny lots of Zinfandel Lodi has to offer. Rich, seductive cherry brandy, and toasted marshmallow flavors are balanced by delicate spice notes and a lingering, fruity finish.

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