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  • Cuvée vs. Brut – Which is better?

    Cuvée vs. Brut – Which is better?

    Cuvée vs. Brut – Which is better? Wine Thoughts Sparkling wine is often a must for special occasions. Instead, you look for the perfect bottle to celebrate. However, it can be challenging to understand all the terms used to describe bubbly. What is the difference between Cuvée and Brut? Cuvée or Brut can be used […]

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  • Lodi (California) Wine Region and Wineries

    Lodi (California) Wine Region and Wineries

    Wine has become a $60 billion industry in America. But most Americans don’t even realize how big the wine industry really is. In fact, according to the Wine Institute, there are over 11000 wineries in the U.S., producing over 700 million gallons of wine each year (2020). There are many reasons why Lodi is considered […]

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  • Looking at Lodi 2019

    Looking at Lodi 2019

    Lodi wine region The rich history of the wine industry in Lodi has been celebrated over the past few decades, but it is still unknown to many. This article will explore how viticulture became so crucial in this part of California and why it’s now one of the most popular tourist destinations for wine enthusiasts […]

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