Looking at Lodi – the heart of California’s Central Valley




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Located in the heart of California’s Central Valley, Lodi is a small city with a big reputation. The wine industry has been thriving in this region for over 150 years. It attracts visitors from all over the world who experience its rich heritage and sample some of the best wines in America. With more than 50 wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms within easy driving distance of each other, there’s no shortage of things to do when you visit: indulge at one or two local restaurants; take an afternoon bike ride through vineyards; spend time exploring historic downtown Lodi; relax on the beach; enjoy live music at one of our many annual festivals – we have something for everyone!
The most beautiful part of all is that it’s still a little-known secret. This means you can come here and enjoy everything the region has to offer without having to deal with overcrowded streets or pay exorbitant prices for hotel rooms.
Start your day off by relaxing on the patio at one of our many coffee shops, then head out into Lodi’s historic downtown, where you’ll find a wide range of restaurants, boutique shops, and galleries.
In the evening, take your pick from dozens of bars and eateries that will satisfy any craving you have – everything from seafood to American classics to Italian cuisine is available here! And if shopping’s what you’re looking for, we’ve got plenty of options for you!
We hope to see you soon. Discover our little city by the river and fall in love with Lodi like we did long ago.

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